It is a known fact that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and causes a number of health disorders ranging from lung cancer, heart diseases, and pregnancy complications to emphysema. But still a lot of people find it difficult to put an end to this harmful addiction. Cigarette smoking kills slowly and if you want to get rid of this slow poisoning effect, then stop smoking today itself. Consider a healthier alternative like E-Zigarette that won’t harm your health. This is an electronic device that is specially designed to give you the look and feel of a real cigarette sans the poisoning tobacco smoke. 

Elektrische Zigarette looks just like the real ones, with a small LED light glowing at the tip of the cigarette that resembles the traditional form of cigarette. As soon as you light up this device, this tiny light glows ensuring that it is working. While you inhale through an e-cig from one end, the vapor gets heated and evaporates creating some smoke that is either flavored or the regular ones. Inside every e-cig there is one refillable cartridge which can be refilled and replaced from time to time. You will find a myriad of flavors beyond your imagination, apart from the normal ones like menthol and the regular tobacco flavor, ice cream flavors, fruit flavors, etc are also available. 

Elektronische Zigarette is better options than nicotine patches or gum as the nicotine as the swiftness of its nicotine delivery is much smoother. Even a severe chain smoker easily gets the hit of nicotine while inhaling from an e-cig, but yes without the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. According to the user, one can put the amount of nicotine in it while refilling. Higher doses of nicotine can be filled initially and with time the dose can be lowered until the user is completely weaned off. This process will help one to get rid of their habit of smoking slowly but steadily.